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"Visions Become Reality"
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About Vbr Productions
Vbr productions is where "Visions Become

We are a family owned company with the vision
of bringing quality, useful products to the market.
We not only develop products we envision but
also help people, like you, bring them to life.  All
success stories begin with a dream and we can
help you turn that dream into reality with our
design and development team.  
Our First of many products to come is the
Blizzard Blanket.  The idea was conceived during
the winter season.  After cleaning off multiple
vehicles in the household and midway through
the season the idea flashed and inspired the
creation of a prototype made with material found
around the house.  The prototype worked so well
that on the first use, 8" of snow was removed in
mere seconds.

The real work then began to find the best
material on the market for the application and
maintain a high quality manufacturing standard.  
We began our quest immediately and discovered
the challenges ahead to be daunting and yet
very rewarding once accomplishments were

This gave us a true understanding of why so
many people fail to make their ideas come to life
and we decided to add an additional service to
our company with you in mind.  

If you have an idea, contact us for a consultation